Help with newer minecraft mod packs/ATM7

Hello All -

I am trying to see if there is a way to host some of the newer mod packs like All The Mods 7 using AMP. The way the server files are put together is a little confusing and doesn’t look like they can be taken apart from their structure.

Has anyone hosted any of these and can provide some guidance?

This is something that is causing me problems with the newer FTB packs…crashing on maps or ghost trapdoors filling the world. ALso no forge jar, only minecraft server. This is with the new Direwolf and Plexiglass when using Amps auto install

I believe this is because of the newer forge 1.17+ being different. Even on the client-side, custom clients like MultiMC do not support these newer packs. I think it is going to be a feature request to have AMP support the new structure…

Basically, to get those running with the new forge structure, you need to copy the content from “[your Minecraft folder]/libraries/net/minecraftforge/forge/[you forge version]/unix_args.txt” AS IS, i.e. including the line breaks and all, no additional quotes etc, into the “Additional Java Options” field under “Configuration > Java and Memory”, preferrably behind any other options you set there, especially behind the aikar flags if you use them.

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