Help, just purchased and installed AMP and I can't create any game instance

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OS Name/Version: Microsoft Windows 11 Pro

Product Name/Version: (Always use the full version number - not ‘Latest’)

Problem Description:
I have finished installing AMP under windows and after logging in the dashboard, and setting the license i cannot create any instances, it just get the skeleton loadout and i can’t get any servers created

Press F12, are you getting any errors in the browser console? Also try switching to another section then back to instances.

no errors,
i have the latest .net framework installed, logged in correctly, all i did was change the port to 8090 as i use 8080 and binded to one of my IPs on the server, regardless of that i could never start an instance

Try in another browser, or in incognito.

same thing … :frowning:
I’m running it on a threadripper pro with 64 gig of ram … should have enough resources to start

Did you try simply switching back and forth yet? If you switch say to the console then back to Instances does it show up?

Also how did you change the port? If you did so incorrectly AMP might not be able to communicate with itself properly. (It’s generally ill-advised to change AMPs settings after installation and after running the setup)

Make sure you try incognito too, to rule out plugins/extensions messing with things.

What’s happening is that it’s still in the “I need information from AMP” stage so it’s not yet showing everything.

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this fixed it thanks i changed the port rerun the setup and its now working.

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