GMOD Instance stuck on installing workshop content

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OS Name/Version: Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS

Product Name/Version:v2.4.1.2

Problem Description:
Application state stuck on Installing components.

Cleared maps folder of map I added, as well as cleaning out addons, as well as the workshop downloaded files.

Workshop collection ID is 2920032652
Admittedly, this is my first time trying to get a GMOD server working through AMP, so its entirely possible im missing something obvious. Any assistance would be phenomenal

Edit: So, started a new instance and I think I misunderstand what the workshop collection ID part does in source settings, as it didnt download anything there either.
Wheras I know that if I list the individual workshop ID’s in SteamCMD and Updates, it does download them, but doesnt seem to properly move things into place.

Have you added a workshop key too?

In my prior instance I had yes. I will readd it in a moment.

Adding every individual ID Seems to have forced them to download

Workshop ID Added. So, now im in a state where the files are on the server, in the form of GMA’s which as I understand are not what is needed by the server to run. Maps should be in BSP etc, I know that I can use GMAD on windows to convert the files into the correct things but at the moment they are all just sat there.