Getting AMP to run a Minecraft Server using the run script instead of the minecraft_server.jar


I have recently tried making an ATM7 server using AMP.
It runs much better using the run script than the .jar, as when I run it with the jar (what AMP defaults to) the server is much less stable.

How can I get amp to run it through the or run.bat instead of the .jar?

You don’t have the capability of running the script. Share the script and we can tell why it seems more stable. Perhaps you have a setting mismatched in AMP vs the script.

You need to tell AMP that it’s a forge server and what version (and set the jar to autodetect) - you don’t need a script, AMP knows how to start these kinds of servers directly.

The reason for wanting to run the script over the jar is that it makes the modpack self updating and includes multiple java Args which are maintained by the modpack developers to increase the stability of the modpack server.
The ability to run .bat files OR .jar files to launch minecraft servers would be greatly helpful for those of us wishing to run modpacks like All the Mods 7

An easy solution to this is however, is writing up a jar file that calls the batch file.

Firstly create a “startserver.jar” then open either an IDE or a text editor and put in

exec(“cmd /c startserver.bat”);

Now place that in the same location as your batch file, and set AMP to open the jar file you have created.

code is from here as this forum doesn’t display correct indentation for the code.

A lot of things won’t work if you do this such as resource usage monitoring.

The jar args can be added to AMP as well. That shouldn’t be any different.