GetAMP Unattended Installations

Environment Variables

On Linux, GetAMP supports unattended installations to allow AMP to be automatically provisioned and started without requiring any input.

This is achieved by specifying a number of environment variables that the GetAMP script will pick up when executed.

When using headless mode, HTTPS is mandatory - and a domain name needs to either be specified via EXT_HOSTNAME or it can be discovered automatically if reverse lookups are enabled for the external IP address.

Flag Description
USE_ANSWERS Set to y to specify that you’d like to perform an unattended installation
ANSWER_AMPUSER The username to be used for the ADS instance
ANSWER_AMPPASS The password to be used for the above user
ANSWER_SYSPASSWORD The password to be used for the amp system user
ANSWER_INSTALLJAVA Set to y to specify that you’d like an appropriate Java version to be installed for running Minecraft
ANSWER_INSTALLSRCDSLIBS Set to y to specify that you’d like 32-bit C++ libraries and other dependencies of Source Dedicated Servers (and other applications that rely on SteamCMD) to be installed
ANSWER_INSTALLDOCKER Set to y to specify that you’d like Docker to be installed and configured, and for AMP to create instances inside containers by default
EXT_HOSTNAME If reverse hostname lookup isn’t possible, what hostname to use for HTTPS
ANSWER_EMAIL The email address to be used for LetsEncrypt certificate warnings (Optional)
SKIP_INSTALL Set to y to install the AMP Instance Manager and dependencies, but do not create the ADS instance or set up a reverse proxy. Useful for Docker scripts


The GetAMP script accepts a number of arguments to perform individual tasks without performing a full installation, this takes the syntax of:

bash <(wget -qO- ARGUMENT
Argument Description
addRepo Adds the CubeCoders repository to the system
configureDarkMagicNew Installs CPx2 on an existing ARM system
installAMP Installs ampinstmgr, requires that the repository has already been added
installDocker Installs Docker, enables the Docker service, and adds the amp user to the docker group
installJava Installs Adopt OpenJDK 8 and 11 onto the system
installSrcdsDeps Installs 32-bit dependencies and libraries for games based on the Source engine or that use SteamCMD
postSetupHTTPS Installs and configures nginx and certbot for use with AMP
showSystemInfo Displays information about the system gathered by GetAMP
update Updates ampinstmgr to the latest version, and upgrades all AMP instances to the latest version
updateSystem Applies any pending system updates using the systems package manager