Generic Server problem | LEAP Game Server

OS Name/Version: Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS

Product Name/Version: v2.3.4.3, built 12/07/2022 13:00

Problem Description:
I am trying to start a LEAP game server.
Have made a template for the server and done some configs to the server config files that work if you run it outside of AMP.
I have got it to download and tried to start it.
Something happends but i can’t seem to find out whats wrong.


I’m not familiar with this application. I don’t see any errors that jump out right away in that log. What am I looking for there?

If you share the config files (preferably on a GH repo of your own) then we can try it out as well.

Can’t say I know much about GH.

These are the 3 files i have edited.
U got the kvp template for LEAP there.

This is the instructions from the dev.

Something more you need?

or something like this?

I just downloaded the server from steamcmd and did the setup according to the instructions. The server doesn’t have a console or any output … it just runs in the background.

Can you share the files you edited I mean?

Ohh, so nothing to be done here?
What about the consoll u get from the file “\LEAP\Content\WebServerRoot”
Is it possible to connect that to the AMP console?

It uses POST requests to send commands and only shows output in the logs…

why. what’s the point of that. I’m so confused :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The entire way this dedicated server is setup makes me livid

It seems the only output you can get that resembles a console is by adding -log and there’s no guarantees AMP would catch that logging type. It would be read only, but would allow some feedback from the server.

So what can I do to get this running in AMP?
Or does the server need to be built differently?

But how did I see what was happening in the console then?
The first Pastebin is what i did see in the consol on AMP.

Can you share the files you created to run this? Only then can I make recommendations of what you need to do.

U thinking about this?

The generic module templates.

It looks like your command line args need updated to match what they suggest in the batch script. -nosteamclient PORT={{$ApplicationPort1}} -server -log

Okei so this is more right then?

And Management and Console must be on NONE?
Must Startup Confirmation Mode be set too “Immediate”
Would like to get some output in the console for status

And how about the 2 files that must be edited for the server to work. (Engine.ini & Game.ini)
Is i posible to fix that with AMP or must i do a manual edit after running the themplate?

Discourse marked your link as spam and I don’t see a way to override it. Perhaps paste the relevant code here? Or we can move this convo to the Discord server?

App.CommandLineArgs=-nosteamclient PORT=7777 -server -log
App.CommandLineParameterFormat=-{0} "{1}"
App.EnvironmentVariables={"LD_LIBRARY_PATH": "./linux64:%LD_LIBRARY_PATH%", "SteamAppId": "906940"}
App.UpdateSources=[{"UpdateStageName": "SteamCMD Download","UpdateSourcePlatform": "All", "UpdateSource": "SteamCMD", "UpdateSourceData": "906940"}]
Meta.Author=Quant & th_mrow
Meta.Description=LEAP game server

A quick few things to change:

According to the dedicated server guide. it wants: \LEAP\Binaries\Win64\LEAPServer.exe.

This should be changed to PORT={{$ApplicationPort1}}

Also, change your Admin method to STDIO otherwise you won’t have a console.

The console isn’t even STDIO. It opens as a new process

I understand that, but that’s the closest thing for AMP. PinballWizard is blind, deaf, and dumb so it would treat it as not having any output/input at all.

Would it be easier to run this on windows?
I’m only having problems on linux, not that good with linux…