Garry's Mod instance stuck on Starting

OS Name/Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro

Product Name/Version: Release -

Problem Description: Whenever I start a Garry’s Mod server through AMP, it just sits at “Starting” and doesn’t actually start up.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Just pressing the “Start” button does it

Actions taken to resolve so far:

  • Reinstalled Instance
  • Restarted Instance
  • Restarted Windows

I’m also seeing this issue. Using Windows Server 2019, running AMP No console output but I did find a log that spits out this: (ampstore/4020/logs/service_log.txt)

Sat May 07 03:38:09 2022 UTC : BOpenService failed (GLE 1060)
Sat May 07 03:38:09 2022 UTC : ServiceStart: failed to start (GLE 183)

That is all thats in that log, Nothing in the AMP logs indicates anything is wrong. Running srcds.exe from in Windows starts like you would expect and running it with the arguments on the support page runs it in a console window with everything showing up as expected to the outside world. Only issue is that when its launched from within AMP it will stall out on starting and not do anything.
Is there a way to work around this?

Please don’t necro a two month old post. Please post a new topic and fill out the required items.

Make sure it’s bound to an actual IP and not