Game Screenshot Competition

We’re looking for some awesome screenshots/stills of your time in-game, playing any of the titles AMP supports. Funny, awesome, weird – we want to see what you come up with! We’ll use them going forward any time we promote AMP’s support of that particular game – with a credit to you, of course. It would be extra special if you could get images of the lesser-known titles amongst AMP’s repertoire.

There’s no other ‘prize’ as such, so joining in would be purely for the love, to help us out, and to create some awesome images showcasing all the games we love to play. You would be handing us the rights to use these images as we wish, so keep that in mind - although they’ll likely only be used on our website, Twitter, and potentially some of our ads.

We’ll pick our personal favourites and dub their creators the ‘winners’.

Drop your screenshots in a reply post (with the name of the game!) and away we go. We look forward to seeing your entries! If you want the image credited in a certain way (By name, handle, Twitter username, etc) include that in your post too. We’ll be sharing some of the best via our social channels.

By participating in the competition by posting an image reply, you are acknowledging that the screenshot is one you took yourself of the game in question, and that you are happy for us to use the image as we see fit, including but not limited to marketing and promotional materials.

Well Minecraft, playing on the Abcraft Server which also ofcourse runs AMP based on my advise.
( i run a personal server with amp)

Handle well Papadraak…

owh… it is a pirate island in progress :slight_smile:

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(i can only upload 1 cuz im new lol)

These are 2 game servers that we are currently-ish playing/hosting on, the first 4 is a paper minecraft server and the other 3 is a vanilla valheim server.

All the pixel art in the minecraft screenshots was made by my mum who picked up minecraft recently, so a shout out to MamabearK71 would be cool if a vid or whatever is made :smiley:

Minecraft screenshot
Minecraft screenshot 2

Hosting a vanilla Minecraft server for some friends of mine and here are screen shots of stuff we all did together

Our base on Valheim running off AMP.

We have a few more, Minecraft, 7 Days, Ark, truly love the platform and the community has been great.

Welcome to the world of RagnorRook! Where the Seasons are long, the storms can be dangerous, and the mobs will truly eat you!