FTP Backup feature

Hello everyone, I have a feature request.

I think it’s great that you use the S3 storage, which is a relief for many people for their backups. But I’m more of the FTP user. Isn’t there a way to upload the backups via FTP? I have a 2 TB HDD connected to my Fritzbox at home where most of the data is already stored by the server. A feature so that he also uploads the backups there would of course be awesome for me. The S3 storage isn’t expensive right but I’d rather have my files with me.
I would be glad.

What it should be able to do:
storage folder
server url

Thank you for feedback.
Iam from Germany

On Linux systems you can mount an FTP server as a directory and tell AMP to store backups there. But unencrypted FTP isn’t something that should be used anymore. There are no plans to support plain FTP.

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