Friends cant join server | Unknown Host Error

OS Name/Version: Winsows 10 Pro
AMP Release “Decadeus” v.4.3 build 14/03/2023

Problem Description: As the tittle says, friend cant join the server, hes getting Unknown host and i can only join with my servers ip (Same network not same PC). ports are open and ive tried every ip for the server i can think of, im at a lose now

Steps to reproduce:

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Actions taken to resolve so far: Open ports, resets, uninstalls, static ip and more

Can you show your port forwarding in your router? Which address does your friend use?

I think were using the right one my ip site: is showing - with port :25565
Screenshot 2023-04-20 005552

No need to hide your local LAN IP addresses. I checked your Public IP address. It’s reachable and I can Connect to the Server. You should see my Username in your Log. You probably want to activate the Whitelist.

ya i just saw it, and this is a test, it isnt full setup. why cant he or my bother on it? im so lost now lol

At least you know it’s not your fault :smiley: They need to Check their Internet… Double Check they are connecting to the correct ip

This is true, thanks for testing it for me, now to figure out there problem :laughing: you used the ip i gave?

Yes, I used the IP you mentioned before

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