Friend connect to my Project Zomboied server

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OS Name/Version:Windows 10

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AMP build

Problem Description:
I created a server instance on AMP and I can connect to it using my local IP address, but when my friends try to join using the Local IP with open ports on both my firewall and router, it fails to connect or even be seen.

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They need to use your public IP, and you need to port forward on your router

So I am tracking the Public IP, I got that from cmd prompt and confirmed it was the right one with a online local ip checker, when I look at my ports on my router, it looks like amp added them for me (not sure how that works really as I havent messed with ports ever). My pc wants to utilize port 19132 for players logging on and from there it will assign them one of these ports 19133-19148, I have those ports open as well as port 8766 and 8767 open also, they are set as UDP’s and they are targeting my Lan ip address for my server computer on the router. I tried using Zenmap to check the ports and no matter what I do it won’t appear as open, it displays this (Nmap done: 1 IP address (0 hosts up) scanned in 3.27 seconds)
I had it check port 19132 using my Local IP address, I have the port opened on my router and on my firewall, I am just stumped at this point, I know its got to be something I am doing wrong.

Project Zomboid has UPnP enabled by default (nothing to do with AMP itself), and so will try to forward ports on UPnP-enabled routers by itself. Dumb idea in my view, but there it is.

In AMP, check what ports are configured by selecting Edit Ports on the instance.

You aren’t seeing the ports mentioned online because your default application port range in ADS doesn’t include them and therefore AMP assigns other ones. An annoying behaviour of AMP, but ultimately you just need to find the ports assigned and use them.

You can add the 16261-16361 port range to AMP and then move the ApplicationPort1 for your instance to 16261 if you want.

Ill try this, also appreciate you steping in to help. Correct me if I am wrong, but if I am on the same network as my server pc and I ping its local IP address to check a port, I should get feedback from it right, and if I attempt to join the server in the same fashion with a Local IP address instead of a Lan ip then I should be able to connect to it as well, dispit that they are both on the same network.

Game ports are generally UDP so you won’t necessarily see them as open or responding to pings.

Check with ampinstmgr ports for the instance on the machine AMP is running on.

Not sure what you mean by Local IP instead of LAN IP - that’s the same thing. But yet on the local network you should be able to connect on the host’s local IP.

Sorry, still trying to understand IP’s better, new to alot of this. By local I mean when I go online and check my ip there it will tell me it is something like ( example, where my router tells me mine is (example I know ip’s are things I don’t want to throw out there wildly so I used examples. so does it matter rather I give them the IP address off the ip checker oline or should I be giving them the IP address the router gives me? This might be where I am messing up big time.

If the public IP shown by something like is different to the external IP shown on the router (and your router’s address starts with 100), you are likely behind CGNAT and won’t be able to connect externally. Your internal IPs are probably something like 192.168.x.x