Frequently Requested Features

There are some features that are commonly requested that (as much as we may like to) cannot or will not be implemented for one reason or another. We’ve outlined what those are and why below:

Minecraft Modpack Browser / Installer for CurseForge

CurseForge does not have a public API that would allow us to implement a browser or installer. Their terms of use would prohibit us from scraping to implement this functionality.

Steam Workshop Browser

This is planned but is a non-trivial amount of work due to limitations of the Steam API.

Docker / unRAID container for the whole of AMP

Docker has a number of limitations that make it very unsuitable to run AMP in. Docker is great for running a known set of applications in containers, but very poor at handling situations where the appliations inside a container changes.

For example, you cannot expose additional ports to a docker container without entirely shutting it down. If you had a set of game servers in the container and wanted to add more, all of those servers would be shut down. It also means you need to know ahead of time what ports you will use.

We are doing some experimentation involving shared volumes and passthru of the Docker socket whereby ADS can run in a container and create sibling containers on the same host, but this eliminates most of the security and isolation benefits of using Docker and is unsuitable for most deployments. As such this would only be useful for small, simple, at-home deployments where there are fewer security requirements.

Support for Game X

There are a few requirements that a game must meet before it’s even possible to host within AMP, the main ones are:

A dedicated server application exists for it and is publicly available.

This excludes games like SCUM, which while they technically have dedicated servers, do not make them available to the general public to run their own servers.

The dedicated server application can run headless.

This excludes games such as Farming Simulator whose server cannot run on a system with no display as it runs a full copy of the game to operate.

The dedicated server application is not subject to restrictions on its use.

Some developers prohibit the use of automation tools to set up their servers. CubeCoders sometimes establishes agreements with developers to get exceptions (For example, AMP can set up FiveM servers for personal use - but not commercial use) but that depends on the willingness of those developers to reach an agreement with CubeCoders.

If a game meets these requirements, then you can request it to be added here: GitHub - CubeCoders/AMPTemplates: For the AMP community to share Generic Module templates.