FiveM "This task could not be completed: Updating FiveM Server - Downloading Archive... - State: 3."

Ubuntu 20
Fresh AMP install
Attempt to install FiveM Instance
Unable to get the URL
I’ve searched the files cant find a place to update URL
uploaded the server files but it wont skip the download to start the server

issue is the URL must be outdated however i cant figure out how to update it

How to fix? any suggestions new here


Having the same issue here. Same environment too, fresh Ubuntu 20 and AMP install.

I am having this same issue as we speak… Hopefully this thread get’s updated with a solution.

I’ll take a look at this on Monday and see what’s up. Hopefully it’s just some new repo URLs.

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Thanks Mike!! Looking forward to playing with FiveM again! That and there is interested in some users wanting to play doesn’t hurt!

I’ve tracked down the issue - their API endpoint for Linux update information is returning no data:

The Windows data is just fine though…


if you want you can read my post about the same issues
we have a bit more detail on what happened