FiveM instances are broken again 🥲

While I will usually write a long info about my system and amp configuration
this issue is simple

Fivem instances are broken (again)

After my last post about this issue, which was fixed, it seemed like the issue had returned…

If you have a Fivem instance running, you can’t update it. Other you will break the server, and it won’t work again, no matter what

This is not an issue with amp, or its developers. It’s an issue with the Fivem development team changing things and doesn’t give a fuck about other developers or companies

Solutions that might work

  • no automatic updates
    when a user wants to update, he will have to enter the artifact version manually
  • disable artifacts pull completely, and users will have to do everything themself

Are you encountering this with the recommended build or the latest build?

It appears that the issue at hand is related to AMP’s inability to access the download repository due to changes made for the FiveM artifacts. This seems to be a deliberate action aimed at preventing developers or hosting companies from downloading these artifacts, possibly to maintain a monopoly over their distribution.

Well i am running the server stand alone and will use amp for everything else…
it’s sad but it’s the reality of FiveM…

There is no issue with the download URLs. They work fine on my generic template. There is an issue that has shown up in the last few days where the recommended build on the download site does not match the API data, possibly due to a caching issue. So if “recommended” is selected, it grabs 5848 rather than 6683. Setting it to “latest” gets the right build. My template allows the user to supply a direct download URL so the API can be bypassed

txAdmin also uses the same API to select versions to download, so they have shot themselves in the foot with this one

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I raised a query on the FiveM forum re the API data and it has now been updated

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