Feed The Beast New Source shows no mospacks

Ubuntu 20.04.6 LTS

AMP Release “Decadeus”
v2.4.3, built 14/03/2023 23:15

Problem Description:

No modpacks are shown in drop down when selecting Feed the Beast New Source

Steps to reproduce:

  • Create new instance
  • Configuration
  • Server Settings
  • Select Feed the Beast (New Source) under Server Type
  • Drop down for FTB Modpack is empty.
  • Going in and out of Instance / Selecting Download update, etc. nothing changes this.

Actions taken to resolve so far:

Confirmed no traffic blocked from server out to internet, deleted and recreated instance, rebooted server. Feed the Beast (Old Source) does display modpacks.

Restart the instance, the list is queried when the instance starts up.

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