Feature set comparison: AMP vs other panels

AMP of course isn’t the only game server panel. This table lists some core features, and which available panels support each.

Only features that are officially supported by the applications developers are included. Unsupported or 3rd party modifications are not taken into account.

Feature AMP Multicraft Pterodactyl
Easy Installation :white_check_mark: Single-command install script :white_check_mark: Mostly automated, some manual steps required :x: Multiple dependencies, long and complex installation process
Secure 2FA Support :white_check_mark: Supports WebAuthn for fingerprints, FaceID, YubiKey and other U2F providers as well as TOTP :warning: TOTP only :warning: TOTP only
Cross-Platform :white_check_mark: Supports both Windows and Linux :white_check_mark: Supports both Windows and Linux :x: Linux Only, no Windows support
Supports multiple games as standard :white_check_mark: Over 30 supported titles as standard, plus community supplied configurations :x: Only Minecraft as standard :white_check_mark: Supports multiple games as standard, plus community supplied configurations
Extensible plugin architecture :white_check_mark: AMPs internal feature set is plugin driven, plugins have full access to AMPs internals :x: No plugin system, only frontend can be modified by hand-crafted changes :x: No plugin system, changes to source must be manually maintained and kept up-to-date
SDK and sample code for new features :white_check_mark: SDK available for Visual Studio, plus sample source code for modules and sample configurations :x: No SDK, limited front-end modifications only :x: No SDK, modifications must be manually kept up-to-date
Fine-grain permissions system :white_check_mark: On a global or per-instance basis, all AMP features or individual settings can be locked out from users :x: Limited selection of fixed roles with zero customization :x: No roles, limited user-driven permissions system
Docker Support for games :white_check_mark: Optional, instances can run either inside or outside of containers. :white_check_mark: Optional :warning: Mandatory, games must run inside of containers even if unwanted
Automatic firewall configuration :white_check_mark: Automatic firewall configuration available for UFW, FirewallD, iptables and Windows Defender Firewall :x: No automatic firewall configuration :x: No automatic firewall configuration
Updates via system package manager :white_check_mark: Maintained DEB and RPM package repositories for installation and updates. :x: Updates applied by re-running setup, no repository :x: Multiple steps required to update, no repository
Automatic HTTPS setup :white_check_mark: Available on Linux via LetsEncrypt, configured automatically by setup script when given a domain. :x: Manual configuration required :x: Manual configuration required
Mobile App :white_check_mark: Progressive web app, offers to install when visiting panel on mobile devices (HTTPS required) :x: No mobile app :x: No mobile app
Single-Sign-On Support :white_check_mark: SSO provided via LDAP support. Provides group integration so users added to specific LDAP groups are automatically assigned AMP roles. :x: No SSO Support :x: No SSO Support
ARM64/AArch64 Support :white_check_mark: Native AArch64/ARM64 builds available. Supported on Raspberry Pi, Neoverse-N1 and other ARM64 platforms. :x: No ARM support. :white_check_mark: Native AArch64/ARM64 builds available. Supported on Raspberry Pi, Neoverse-N1 and other ARM64 platforms.