Feature request - Show remaining storage

Pretty fresh user of AMP here, and so far very pleased with the product! The real reason I got it was to let my friends be able to manage my gameservers without giving them ssh access too my private servers, so I dont always have to be reachable in case a server crashes.
Still trying to get a grip of the folder-structure, and how everything works under the hood, since I am a control freak and likes to know whats going on. :slight_smile:

I have a small feature request, could remaining hdd storage show on the green field below OS/RAM/CPU area? It would be very handy to know when I am deploying new servers.

It would also be awesome to be able to somehow right click on an instance, and β€œclone” it. Comes in handy if I want to make another instance of an already deployed 7daystodie server that is preconfigured with alot of custom mods and settings.
But a simple workaout now, would just be to clone the subfolder in the instance-folder in ssh, right?

Anyway, awesome product!

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