Feature Request - Backup to NFS, SMB or specific local storage


I am sorry for posting in the wrong part of the forum, but I dont know where to post it. Feel free to move it accordingly!

I personally, would love the option to take backups to a Networks Share (NFS or SMB), or even a local storage location.
I am not in need of cloud-backups, so this would be the preffered way to backup stuff - atleast for me :slight_smile:

Please search the documentation before making new posts :slight_smile:

Thanks for replying!
I should have worded my original request much differently!

What I wanted to have, was a more intiutive way of adding SMB/NFS storage, via the AMP webUI. A similar flow like the “Cloud Backups” would be nice to have - maybee a generic storage configuration section for remote storage in general?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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