"Failed to login to remote instance. null" Error on Laptop

OS Name/Version: Ubuntu server 22.04.3

Product Name/Version: AMP Decadeus v2.4.6.6

Problem Description:

I re-installled AMP yesterday, created an instance and setup 2FA (this was done on my desktop PC). And everything works fine, exept when i try to open an instance on my laptop. because it gives the following Error " Failed to login to remote instance. null" “Two-Factor Login Required”. The thing is, 2FA is enabled, and the server-wide policy is set to optional. So i have no idea why is does not work for my laptop, while my desktop PC and Phone work fine. Also, getting into the main pannel is no problem on my laptop

Steps to reproduce:

  • Step 1: Install AMP on Ubuntu server (fresh install), with anwsering “y” to all options “will you be using docker/java/steamcmd/https”.

  • Step 2: Setup 2FA on the main/admin account.

  • Step 3: try to log in on a laptop the next day.

Actions taken to resolve so far:

  • Resetting 2FA.
  • Deleting cookies.
  • Connecting to a different wifi.
  • Updating server.
  • Rebooting server.

Try switching ADS over to the development build which has a work in progress fix for this issue:

ampinstmgr switch ADS01 development

thanks, it’s not fixed yet, but i guess thats why you said “work in progress”.

What do AMPs logs say when you try and login? Is AMP in Standalone mode?

yes, i am running in standalone. The log says the following when trying to open an instance:
"[12:37:20] [Logger:Bastiaan Activity] : Managed remote instance SatisfactoryEA01 at

[12:37:20] [Logger:Bastiaan Activity] : Authentication token for Bastiaan requested by ManageInstance on behalf of Bastiaan".

These 2 lines reoccur everytime i try to open an instance.

What do the logs of the actual instances themselves say?

[13:13:49] [Logger:Anonymous Activity] : Authentication attempt for user Bastiaan from
[13:13:49] [Logger:Anonymous Activity] : Authentication failure for user Bastiaan from - TwoFactorChallenge

Gotcha, I think I know what’s going on then. This is a separate issue that I’ll have to look into still.

Okay, thanks, should i remain in the development release, or go back to mainstream?

Back to Mainstream for now. Disabling 2FA temporarily (or switch to WebAuthn which I don’t think has this problem?) should address the issue in the interim.

Thanks, i wil do that for now.

I can confirm, with WebAuthn it works fine.

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