Factorio - cant unzip mods - I/O error

OS Name/Version: Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS

Product Name/Version: Factorio 1.1.69 (build 60061, linux64, headless)

Problem Description:

Console Output:
Error ModManager.cpp:992: Mod package read error. Opening zip /home/amp/.ampdata/instances/BIACFactorio01/factorio/config/mods/LPP111.zip failed: I/O error

  • Tried to rezip the mod files → no change
  • Tried diffrent mods → same behavior

Somebody could help me ?

Try using SFTP and don’t zip the mods beforehand.

Ahh sorry, I see that you are supposed to leave them zipped for this game. So just use SFTP and report back.

Hello !
Solved the problem !
Thanks so much !