Fabric 1.19.2 online-mode=false is automatic to true

OS Name/Version: Debian GNU/Linux 11

Product Name/Version: 1BetterMC1 / b4516c61-6f87-4502-a091-53cbc7d54e03 / srv417081.hstgr.cloud

Problem Description:I want to run a server with my friends and 1 of them wants to play with us but when he is trying to join its always saying

[Connection Lost

Registry remapping failed: Received ID map for minecraftcommand_argument_type

contains IDs unknown to the receiver!



but i know that i need to change the server.propeties file in the filemanager from online-mode=true to online-mode=false but it always changes back to true. My minecraft version is fabric 1.19.2 and we are using the modpack better mc [fabric] BMC1.


Steps to reproduce:

  • 1.19.2 Fabric
  • Mods
  • Cracked account

Actions taken to resolve so far:
1 Editing server.propeties in and outside of the panel/website and sftp server.
2 Chaingin the ports
3 Disabling protection features

Discussion of piracy or cracked accounts it prohibited.

not pirated account still getting it, i can host essiential servers without problem but i cannot join a friends and i get this message, but other players can join those servers so

If you’re using a proxy then there’s a setting in AMP you need to turn on. Use AMPs search box to find it or open a new topic.