Errors noticed since getting AMP

OS Name/Version: Ubuntu 22.04.1 (Oracle VM)

Product Name/Version: AMP

Problem Description:

Here be a few things I noticed seeing using AMP.

1. Server Instance (MC Forge) Doesn't show any CPU / RAM usage. The graphics on the main page appear to stay at 0%.

2. While viewing the AMP panel on mobile, occasionally the 'sidebar' has duplicate buttons buttons. (Return to instance, Return to instance, Status, Status, Console, Console etc.)

3. Selecting a server restart as a scheduled task causes crash. (I think it may be trying to restart too quickly, causing a full stop.)

Steps to reproduce:
Install MC Forge to Ubuntu / Oracle VM.
View page on mobile.
Attempt to schedule a time based task.

Actions taken to resolve so far:
None. Reported to Discord, was directed here.

First issue is a known issue for Ubuntu 22.04 on ARM. Raise a GitHub issue for it to put it on Mike’s radar.

Wanted to add an extra onto this one as while trying turn the server back on (after crash from attempted restart) I noticed something else.
To be able to turn the MC server on again, I had to turn off the instance and turn it on again after a few mins. Otherwise it was giving a “Port already in use” error in the console.

Your third problem should be fixable by turning off sleep mode. Had this problem myself, am running 2 mc servers one with sleep mode on and one with it turned off, the one where it was turned off had no problems but the one with sleep mode had the same problems as you described.

That port issue often happens when there is a scheduled restart while the server is in sleep mode.
If you have scheduled restarts for a server don’t have it in sleep mode, and vice versa.