Error Start The specified instance is not running

OS Name/Version: Linux Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS

Product Name/Version: (Always use the full version number - not ‘Latest’)AMP Version

Problem Description:

The instances does not start when I click on Start Instance in AMP.

Steps to reproduce:

Step 1 * I open my amp server on firefox
Step 2 * I create an instance
Step 3 * I choose and Select Application Minecraft Java Edition
Step 4 * I put a Friendly Name (Optional) My server
Step 5 * After Creation I choose Start Instance
Step 6 * Then I click on Create Instance
Step 7 * The status is offline so I click Start Instant nothing starts
Step 8 * If I click on Manage it gives an error The specified instance is not running

Actions taken to resolve so far:
Step 1 * Change the rights of the amp folder
Step 2 * Download the server.jar file on site Minecraft and put it in the instance folder

Check that instances logs. Right click → view logs.

Also, which licence type do you have and which exact option did you select when creating the instance?

I have a Licence professional and in the logs, i have nothing

That doesn’t properly answer the question. Do you have an AMP or an McMyAdmin licence? And when you created the instance, which option did you pick from the list?

yes I have a professional AMP license
The solution is AMP


You keep not answering my question.

On this screen here:

Which application did you pick from the list?

Here are the detailed instances

Right click the Minecraft instance and select “View Logs” - show me the most recent log file from that list.

I have nothing by clicking on the logs, to see pictures

Did you select the option to use Docker during installation?

yes I use Docker during installation

If you try and start the instance, in the Console tab do you see an error 125?

How do I start from the command line

You don’t, start from AMP by right clicking the instance - then go to the console tab.

I have this on the console once I click on star instance



Things to try:

  • Remove docker from the system, then run bash <(wget -qO- installDocker from ssh as root.
  • Disabling Docker from AMP entirely, turn the setting off under New Instance Defaults and make a fresh instance.