[Error] Certbot failed with code 1

We had actually resolved this problem. Got the install working and the valheim instance running. Just need to find out how to upload the current world to the new server.

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OS Name/Version: **Centos 7**

Product Name/Version: (Always use the full version number - not 'Latest') : **AMP Instance Manager v2.4.0.10 built 27/10/2022**

Problem Description:  **During install received an error, install canceled on it's own with the following:**
**The requested nginx plugin does not appear to be installed**
**[Error] Certbot failed with code 1**
**Failed to configure nginx. Please check /root/getamp-20221112-175809.log . Aborting...**

**Something went wrong during the installation.**

In looking at the log though, it seems to show that Certbot was installed.  And at the end of the log file shows: 

ampinstmgr.x86_64 0:


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Steps to reproduce:

  • Step 1 Ran bash <(wget -qO- getamp.sh)
  • Step 2 Watched it run through the install
  • Step 3 Error popped up and auto-canceled install.
    (Did not upload to hastebin service)

Actions taken to resolve so far: Nothing, no idea what to do with that error.?? (Searched Forums for info, found nothing)

Not sure what else to do?

Sorry, Also to add this:

Failed to configure nginx. Please check /root/getamp-20221112-175809.log . Aborting…

But I don't see anything in the log showing this problem?

I am currently receiving this error. Would you mind sharing how you fixed it?

You’ve given little information but usually it is the certbot plugin missing. On newer distros you need to install python3-certbot-nginx.

But sorta guesswork in your situation without more info.

My apologies, thank you for the reply.
On centos 7 I used yum install python-certbot-nginx and that fixed my issue.
Thank you.