ERROR batch install AMP ( for Rocky Linux

OS Name/Version: Rocky Linux 9.1

Product Name/Version: Install AMP for home AMP web

Problem Description:

Hello, Unable to install the AMP component automatically on Rocky Linux 9.1.
There is an error installing the JAVA component, on the Adoptium repo. Rocky version 9.1 does not exist and path to version 8 is not correct in script

Actions taken to resolve so far:

Step 1:




baseurl=**/$ID/$VERSION_ID/$(uname -m)**


/rocky/8/$(uname -m)

step 2

chmod +x
and lunch install .sh in local


and enjoy!!!

Select “No” when it asks about Java and install it manually afterwards. Right now there’s no rocky-specific code path in the installer .

even selecting no for java installation. the installation forces the repo then the installation of the java which fails. for proof I can provide the log.