Enterprise ADS Callback Endpoints

In Enterprise mode, ADS will raise a callback at the supplied callback URL whenever an instance is created, or when an attempted creation fails.

It is a JSON blob in a POST message with the following fields:

Field Type Description
Action string Either ‘Modify’ or ‘Create’
Success bool Whether or not the modify or create action succeeded
Secret string The same secret supplied as part of the original request
TargetId guid/string The ID of the target that the instance was created at
InstanceId guid/string The ID of the newly created instance or the ID of the modified instance
Endpoints EndpointInfo[] A lists of Endpoints for this application


Field Type Description
DisplayName string The human-friendly name of the given endpoint
Endpoint string The IP:Port of the endpoint
Uri string If applicable, the endpoint in URI format. Used for games that can connect via steam://connect/…