Dynmap port forwarding in AMP configuration

OS Name/Version: linux mint 5.4.0-105 generic

Product Name/Version: v2.3.2.8, built 28/03/2022 15:21

Problem Description: I changed physical servers my minecrtaft instance is on however the port 8008 I am using for dynmap is not working and I believe AMP is blocking that port to the instance.

Actions taken to resolve so far:
I have allowed the port to the system via ufw

sudo ufw allow 8008/tcp
sudo ufw allow 8008/udp

I have checked ufw and it is enabled now, however I got no change. so I am doing a quick reboot.

I may have figured it out, for thoes following along at home I think that the cause of the problem was that AMP was not allowing the instance to use that port on the system, by adding the custom port in the AMP instance manager, I should be able to access the web server from the instance.

Edit: This fixed my issue.

dyn map is its own config does not need opening ports on amp
the config file is managed seprately in configuration file
line 349 for the webserver

DynMap absolutely does need the ports opening in AMP. AMP needs to be aware of any ports you’re using.

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For thoes not familliar, AMP has its own firewall, my system has its own firewall and my network has its own firewall. If the port on any of these are turned off, the network traffic will be restricted and cannot travel any further down the network.

The following resources might help anyone who would like more information.
How do firewalls work (DigitalOcean)
Firewall -Computing (Wikipedia)

AMP doesn’t have its own firewall per-se, what it does is sync its ‘desired’ rules with the system firewall.

The default port for Dynmap is 8123 which can be changed to any port you want.