Domain won't show AMP + AMP loads really slow

OS Name/Version: Ubuntu 86x/64x

Product Name/Version:

Problem Description: My Domain won’t show up the panel and when using my private IP it will take a long time to load.

Steps taken:

Domain won’t show

  • Checked port forwarding
  • Checked that in the nginx config proxy_pass is set to
  • Rebooted my computer
  • Check the ADS01 logs
  • It was working when I first installed than the next day stopped after the computer rebooted.

Slow loading

  • Computer is connected to ethernet

Edit: Removed edit because I realized why it was like that. I still have an issue with the two above

Assuming the reverse proxy is on the same host as AMP, it should be proxying to (or whatever your ADS port is). does not make sense

Sorry, I meant

Are you sure your local IP has not changed after the reboot? What’s ip a show?

I made my private ip static and am using an ssh to connect to it right now. The ip is still

Check the binding of ADS with ampinstmgr status (as amp user).

Also check that nginx is running with systemctl status nginx as root.

Tho I suspect your issue is network related.

nginx is running and the instances are also both running. I am logged into the panel using private Ip now. It is just really slow when getting information from AMP e.g. file manager

Are you using the nginx configuration supplied by AMP, or your own? Proxy_pass by itself is not sufficient.

I get this when trying to connect to my instance. When trying to get logs it takes 15+ seconds to load the files in a directory.

Only get this in logs
[07:46:26] [ADS:admin Activity] : Managed remote instance PeopleSmp01 at [07:46:26] [Auth:admin Activity] : Authentication token for admin requested by ManageInstance on behalf of admin

I am using the nginx config supplied by AMP. But I moved an instance used on an arm machine to a computer on a 86x/64x machine

Edit: I can’t replay anymore for some reason.

Also, just want to say that I don’t think AMP being slow is an issue with my network or computer as I can sftp into my computer using ssh and I get good speeds copying things over.

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