Docker and Assetto Corsa on Linux

OS Name/Version: Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS

Product Name/Version:

Problem Description:
I have an Assetto Corsa server which is setup to run in a docker container, as recommended, however it starts, from what I can tell, fine it just does not appear online in any way. Here is the console entries from when I start the instance. From thsi I take the docker is starting, in some form?

Unable to find image 'cubecoders/ampbase:wine' locally
wine: Pulling from cubecoders/ampbase
8740c948ffd4: Pulling fs layer
fa03a609a278: Pulling fs layer
7eb2dec14e50: Pulling fs layer
84782725f803: Pulling fs layer
84782725f803: Waiting
7eb2dec14e50: Download complete
8740c948ffd4: Verifying Checksum
8740c948ffd4: Download complete
8740c948ffd4: Pull complete
fa03a609a278: Verifying Checksum
fa03a609a278: Download complete
84782725f803: Verifying Checksum
84782725f803: Download complete
fa03a609a278: Pull complete
7eb2dec14e50: Pull complete
84782725f803: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:b5158a434a6b8b5af2cfe6f76b5fecbb5cd093948e23805c267f87c879b17d5f
Status: Downloaded newer image for cubecoders/ampbase:wine
WARNING: The requested image's platform (linux/amd64) does not match the detected host platform (linux/arm64/v8) and no specific platform was requested
Slow method invocation: StartInstance took 32386ms to complete.
Slow response: ADSModule.StartInstance took 32386ms to complete.

There are a few things I think could be related to this. Firstly int he docker options menu I am unable to select CPU count? It is stuck at 0

Secondly, would this be related to networking, I have all ports forwarded correctly to the outside net but I am aware dockers are weird with how they manage this, do I need further port forwarding in docker so that it can see AMP?

You’re on an ARM system. AMP does not support Docker on ARM, and this game isn’t listed as compatible with non-x86/64 systems.

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