Do you guys have an official docker container

do you guys have an official docker container so i can use it with unraid i know that there is an unofficial container but its not great

unraid is not supported. sorry

No, Docker is the wrong platform to run AMPs core in. AMP is a server management platform that needs control over the host.

If you want to run AMP on Unraid, you must create a virtual machine and run AMP inside that.

What about accessing the docker.socket and controlling the host just like portainer does?

What Portainer and AMP do are completely different. AMP utilizes Docker to create game server instances inside containers. But AMP itself must have control over the host OS still, as mentioned above.

I am new to this kind of stuff, so bare with me lol…

I am on unraid.
I have the AMP docker installed. In my past experiences with docker I would install for example, Pterodactyl panel to manage games inside docker ( having issues with it, hence why I am here) so what I am struggling with here is why does AMP need a different OS to run when Unraid is the host OS and the AMP docker app is installed on that OS.
I open up the AMP docker GUI and enter the correct credentials and it just spins like it is trying to login to something but can’t.

Again I am new to all of this… :smiley:

AMPs core needs more control over the system than is viable from within a Docker container (it wants the ability to manage the firewall and create docker containers that use bind mounts rather than volumes).

Unraid is not a suitable platform for running AMP without a virtual machine. There is an unofficial docker image but it’s comparatively limited in functionality, and doesn’t allow the individual instances to be put in separate containers. It’s also unsupported.

I see, so in my mind this is how I see it. I can run a VM on unraid and install AMP inside there?

Yes, running a vm on unraid is what you need to do