Datastore priority not respected

OS Name/Version: Debian 12

Product Name/Version: AMP ADS v2.4.5.4, built 14/07/2023 19:36

Problem Description: When using automatic datastore selection, it will always use the “Default Datastore” instead of others.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Add second datastore, active, priority 0
  • Deactivate “Default Datastore”, priority 1000
  • Create game instance

Actions taken to resolve so far:
Have tried permutations of priorities (secondary higher and lower priority than default) and default datastore active/deactivated.
Game instances remain created on “Default Datastore” instead of secondary.

Additional notes: usage on both datastores reads as “unknown”. Datastores are located on local EXT4 partitions.

Sanity check, was the datastore selection in the create instance screen left on Automatic?

Yes, it was. It respects a manual selection, but on automatic it ignores the priorities.

I was able to reproduce this and have addressed the issue. It was a side-effect of the way that template instances are handled. This has been rectified for the next update.

Glad to hear, I’ll keep an eye out for the update!

This should most likely be a separate issue, but is there any idea on the usage also? Looking at the datastores they just say “unknown”.

Right click on a datastore :slight_smile:

Ah, noted. I didn’t know that existed, but it certainly did the trick! I’m wondering if there’s a way to schedule that, but otherwise I’m good to go. Looking forward to the update!


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