Custom HTML panel modifications

The node display can be tough when a certain quantity of nodes and servers on that node is reached.
In fact, a way to work around this would be to organize the instances/nodes list ( as an admin ) would be if the nodes are in accordion for example, or another form to sort the node list, or at least make them way all smaller since i may reached a point that i would really have lots of nodes and lots of servers on them.
I can add bootstrap on the AMP.html file’s " " and change the Plugins/ADSModule/WebRoot/Instances.html file to re-organize it to look it.
but as the amp constantly updates that wouldn’t be doable enough I suppose;
Does anyone have any other suggestions for a workaround?

I also plan to manually add a custom on the AMP.html but the file is reset on update.
another possible workaround on this?

You’d have to write an AMP plugin to do what you propose and have it’s JavaScript side of things make the relevant changes.

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