CubeCoders HelperBot Discord Commands

Anyone is able to utilize the Discord HelperBot commands to assist users with their issues. The below commands can be called by placing an exclamation point (!) in front of the command. You can also @mention a user following the command for the bot to ping them.

Example: !datastore @IceOfWraith

There is one slash (/) command that allows you to lookup the rest of the commands the bot has available if you can’t find it here.

Example: /search amp would return the ampinstall command.

Command Output
0000binding In the context of servers, can mean "all IPv4 addresses on the local machine". If a host has two IP addresses, and, and a server running on the host is configured to listen on, it will be reachable at both of those IP addresses.
1024 Binding to 1024 or below requires root
ampinstall CubeCoders Limited
amp AMP - Game Server Control Panel
app To use the AMP app, you must first configure your ADS instance to use HTTPS. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be prompted to install the app after browsing to the panel using your phones browser.
arkmods Adding mods to an ARK: Survival Evolved server · CubeCoders/AMP Wiki · GitHub
bugreport You can report bugs or request changes to AMP here: Issues · CubeCoders/AMP · GitHub
caddy Using Caddy with AMP · CubeCoders/AMP Wiki · GitHub"
comparison Feature set comparison: AMP vs other panels · CubeCoders/AMP Wiki · GitHub
compatibility You can find a list of applications compatible with AMP here: Supported Applications Compatibility · CubeCoders/AMP Wiki · GitHub
connectivity Diagnosing Connectivity Issues · CubeCoders/AMP Wiki · GitHub
ctl Something wrong? Check the log files! Say !logs if you’re not sure where they are.
datastore On Linux systems you can find the AMP data store in the users home directory under ~/.ampdata. On Windows systems you can select ‘browse datastore’ by right clicking an instance in the instance manager.
demo There aren’t any trial licenses or demos as of this time. However, you can install ADS (the management portion) without a license to get a feel for it. Keep in mind that a license is required to make any game instances.
diagnostics Diagnosing AMP issues · CubeCoders/AMP Wiki · GitHub
docker AMP handles the containers for you. You install AMP on the host, add the amp user to the docker group then turn on the option to create instances in containers in Configuration → New Instance Defaults in ADS
dotnet You can download the required version of the .Net framework at
editions AMP Editions Comparison Sheet · CubeCoders/AMP Wiki · GitHub
enterprise You can learn more about AMP Enterprise here: AMP Enterprise Edition
exclusions Backup Exclusions · CubeCoders/AMP Wiki · GitHub
exitcodes AMP Exit Codes · CubeCoders/AMP Wiki · GitHub
featurerequest You can request new features or modules for AMP here: Issues · CubeCoders/AMP · GitHub
generic Configuring the 'Generic' AMP module · CubeCoders/AMP Wiki · GitHub
help Please ask your question directly to the channel instead of just asking for help. For a quick guide on diagnosing issues check this guide out here: Diagnosing AMP issues · CubeCoders/AMP Wiki · GitHub
highdpi If you are using a device with a high DPI value (such as a Surface Pro) or a retina display (MacBook), zoom your AMP window out to 90% and refresh the page to return the page from Mobile layout to Desktop layout.
https Setting up secure HTTP with AMP · CubeCoders/AMP Wiki · GitHub
importmc How to import an existing Minecraft server into AMP · CubeCoders/AMP Wiki · GitHub
iplistlinux You can check the IP addresses that are available for binding by running `ip addr
keyswap In order to swap your McMyAdmin2 key for an AMP key, it must have been purchased after August of 2019. If that is the case, send an email to with the subject MCMA2 Key Swap and the following information:Full Legal Name, Date of Purchase, Email the key was purchased under (PayPal email), Full Mailing Address
linuxtutorial You can watch a tutorial on installing AMP on Linux here Installing the AMP Game Server management panel on Linux - YouTube
logs You can find your instances log file in the AMP_Logs directory in your instances datastore. Not sure where the datastore is? Say !datastore
markdown Here’s a quick rundown on markdown, the syntax used for formatting in Discord: Basic writing and formatting syntax - GitHub Docs
mcma3 The McMyAdmin and Minecraft modules are identical in functionality. The difference is that the McMyAdmin module accepts only McMyAdmin 2 licence keys, and the Minecraft module accepts only AMP licence keys.
monetize You can sell in game items or monetize your servers with a pro/network edition license. An enterprise license is only required if you are selling hosting
net45 You can download .Net 4.5.2 from
net46 You can download .Net 4.6.2 from
netstat You can use netstat to check if AMP is listening on a given port. On Windows you’d run `netstat -an
networkedition CubeCoders Limited
networkupgrade You can upgrade from AMP Pro to Network Edition by purchasing a new copy of Network Edition sending an email to with the transaction ID for the Pro licence you originally purchased to get it refunded. To be eligible for an upgrade in this manner, the Pro licence must have been purchased in the last 90 days.
nightly The AMP Nightly builds allow you to get the bleeding-edge version of AMP, with any fixes or new features not yet availble in the current main release. Instructions on getting and using the nightly build are available at Nightly AMP builds are now available!
permissions Managing user permissions in AMP · CubeCoders/AMP Wiki · GitHub
rcon Using RCON Passthru mode to access RCON with a static password · CubeCoders/AMP Wiki · GitHub
reactivate You can reactivate an instance by running ampinstmgr reactivate
rebind Use ampinstmgr rebind instancename to rebind your instance. Replace instancename with your instance.
relocate Relocating the AMP Datastore · CubeCoders/AMP Wiki · GitHub
resetlogin You can reset your login details using ampinstmgr
rules Please read the rules in #welcome before mentioning users.
sdk You can learn about using the AMP SDK to write your own AMP plugins and modules here: Getting started with AMP developer licences · CubeCoders/AMP Wiki · GitHub
techsupport If you are in need of technical support, please visit one of our three technical support channels which are tiered by the convenient names of #pre-installation, #installation-support, and #tech-support.
update How to update AMP to the latest version · CubeCoders/AMP Wiki · GitHub