CS:GO CUSTOM Maps - where are the configfiles? Where to put the mapcycle.txt?

I tryed to install some custom maps on CS:GO managed by AMP

OS Name/Version: DEBIAN

Product Name/Version: CS:GO

Problem Description: cannot find the locations of the configuration files. There are no files at the official location (cfg folder) and when I produce that files like server.cfg or mapcycle.txt it has no effect.

Steps to reproduce:

Add custom maps to the maps folder by coping them there

Actions taken to resolve so far:
added mapcycle.txt to cfg folder
added server.cfg to cfg folder
tryed to add a rcon password…

nothing worked so far.

I guess the locations of the cfg files are at a different place, not mantioned in any documantion I could find…

There isn’t a config file - AMP uses command line flags for srcds servers.

You can create your own server.cfg - but AMPs settings will override anything in it, so depending on what changes you make you might not see any effect.

If you copied the files outside of AMP (without using AMPs file manager or SFTP) then the permissions may be incorrect which will prevent srcds from picking them up - so check that they’re owned by the amp user.

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