Creating a FoundryVTT profile

I’m trying to figure out if AMP would work for setting up new foundryVTT instances. I run a couple already in virtual servers but would love to be able to host all the things in one place. AMP seems to have the best way of going about it. the primary requirements would be docker and node.js which I can do, there’s even a dockerfile, however i’m stumped on providing the download and intial values in a AMP instance. I think the best way to go about it would be to create the base docker with node.js and hook the values into it when you update/start the “game” from within the instance.
Anyone have any ideas?

You wouldn’t use any existing docker images. Docker images have to be built for use with AMP, but generally speaking they’re not needed anyway. You can use the cubecoders/ampbase:nodejs image which includes nodejs and a few other bits - then use the Generic module as normal: Configuring the 'Generic' AMP module · CubeCoders/AMP Wiki · GitHub

Thank you Mike,

I will give that a run and see what new headaches i can give myself and will get back to this thread with the results.