Convert AMP Pro seats to AMP Network seats?


I was wondering if there was any way to convert my AMP pro seats to AMP network seats now that I have paid for the more expensive license so I can have all 55 seats under one license/server?


You can simply put in the Pro licence, create your first few instances, then swap the key over in the configuration for the remaining. Any existing instances can be swapped using ampinstmgr reactivate (or reactiveateall to do all instances) on the command line.

Thanks. However that doesn’t solve my problem. I still will have 5 pro keys that I can’t use when I enter my network key (as only 1 key can be used per server, unless this isn’t correct anymore?)

You can’t enter both keys into AMP but it doesn’t matter. Instances are activated with whichever key Was present at the time they were made even if you change it later.

So the answer to my question is that those 5 seats are lost and cannot be co-termed or combined into my network license pool and I’m just SOL?

That’s my problem is that I’m loosing 5 instances that I paid for and would like to have the availability to use.

Not into the same pool because they’re different licence grades with different features. You can still use them, they’re not lost or unusable - if you’ve got 5 AMP Pro instances and 50 Network Edition then you can have 55 total by swapping the key over.

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