Controlling AMP across the LAN

I have a small pc (using Win 10 Pro) dedicated to running a MC Java server, which I am going to use to play with my sons on a couple of other PCs on the LAN. I would like to run the server box headless, and so installed AMP, which I understood can control the server remotely.

So, how do I connect to it from another PC? Is there a web interface? Do I need AMP or something else installed on the other PCs?
I only want to control it locally at the moment, and actually I only want the server to be exposed locally for now, though I might want to open that up to my boys’ buddies at a later date.


AMP is a web interface :slight_smile: When you’re creating/managing instances, you’re in a web browser. Just one without an address bar if you’re on Windows.

By default it’s listening on port 8080, so you’d browse to - adjusting for your internal IP address of course.

Ah! Excellent, thank you.
That knowledge is probably evident to everyone else here, but it wasn’t obvious to me, so perhaps it might be worth specifically mentioning that in the tutorials somewhere.

Given that I haven’t done anything at the router, such as forward any ports or set up a DMZ (apart from reserve the IP), can I presume that at present the server is only visible within the LAN? Or does AMP somehow automatically make it available to the wider world?

Correct. If you want to access it remotely you’ll need to forward the port AMP is running on.