Console time correct, game server time is wrong

OS Name/Version: Docker on Unraid 6.11.5

Product Name/Version: Minecraft Bedrock server on AMP

Problem Description: AMP panel time is correct, Minecraft server console in AMP is correct, however the Minecraft bedrock servers time is 5 hours ahead when reported in game. For instance, if it’s 7pm in the panel, it shows 12 midnight in the server. This seems like it’s something simple I’m missing. I have a task set up under schedules to display the current server time every hour with the {@Time} command. Is there a server side setting?


Steps to reproduce:

Check the server time via a scheduled task using the {@Time}

Actions taken to resolve so far: reinstalled instance and server.

AMPs backend uses UTC exclusively, the frontend uses local time in some places.

The front end was definitely using eastern time. That just didn’t translate in game for some reason. Regardless, I fixed the issue by just adjusting the time by 5 hours in the schedule to compensate UTC to ET and entering the time manually into the text field. It was a little redundant, but it gets the job done.

Is the time zone something that can be changed in a future release, or are there other limitations here? Not a major deal, just a minor annoyance.

Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it!

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