Connectivity Problem with Palworld - cant connect

System Information

Field Value
Operating System Windows - Windows 10 Home on x86_64
Product AMP ‘Decadeus’ v2.4.8.0 (Mainline)
Virtualization None
Application Palworld
Module GenericModule
Running in Container No
Current State Ready

Problem Description


i cant connect local and external. All firewall is down just to check if thats the problem

Reproduction Steps

  • installed palworld
  • added password
  • change port from 8766 to 8211
  • turned off firewall

Are you getting any errors when trying to connect on the client? I did test myself connecting to an Ubuntu hosted server with password enabled and I was getting a no password entered error on the client side even though I was not getting a prompt for it.

In the file manager for the instance go to /Pal/Saved/Config/WindowsServer and look at the PalWorldSettings.ini and make sure that your configs are being applied as there was some messed up issues in AMP 2.4.7 that just got fixed with 2.4.8 so there could still be some issues there.

yeah i get “connection timed out”. I just managed to connect to my external ip, but when i activated the multiplayer setting after and rejoind nothing is working :frowning:

interesting. have you looked at the instance logs to see if there are any errors?

I have been running the dedicated server on my local machine with the multiplayer setting disabled which is default and both my wife and I had no issues so not sure what it actually changes. I was also able to connect locally to my Ubuntu set with no password, Multiplayer enabled, using 8766 and tried with 8211.

this is my first time putting up a server in AMP, so im looking in to if there is something im missing. but right now the is no firewall, no anti virus and no ports not open. aaah man this is so irritating.

i made a Valheim server and i cant connect.

No worries, I was there once as well lol. This sounds like your Windows firewall might still be on since you are having issues locally.

no it all turned off. im starting to think my google Nest can be the problem. I have open all the ports in the server amp, but do AMP have more ports that needs to be open?

you would need 8080 for the management interface for AMP if running without TLS. Then you should just need the connection port of instance you are running. Normally only the host firewall should be an issue with this as it is inbound traffic it is blocking and your router firewall shouldn’t block internal traffic unless you have the setup between vlans or subnets but I am guessing you don’t have a setup like that since you are referencing a nest.

First test is from another machine can you connect to the web interface of AMP. if you can’t then there is something blocking you,

Found a block, and its all working :slight_smile: Like you say i didnt activate the multiplayer and my friends can stil join. Dont know what that is. But thanks :slight_smile:

Awesome, glad you got that sorted. Have fun playing with your friends.

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