Connectivity Problem with Minecraft - Missing mods when trying to join

System Information

Field Value
Operating System Linux - Debian GNU/Linux 12 on x86_64
Product AMP ‘Callisto’ v2.5.0.12 (Mainline)
Virtualization Docker
Application Minecraft
Module MinecraftModule
Running in Container Yes
Current State Stopped

Problem Description


When attempting to join the server, it says that the server is missing some mods, even though I am joining through the same modpack as the one I uploaded to the server.

Reproduction Steps

  • I downloaded the zip file off of cursed forge
  • I uploaded the zip file into the mods folder
  • Then I ran the server and when I attempted to join it gives me the error

Did you select the right server type for the mod loader the pack uses?

Yes, I had forge selected

Do the logs say that the mods are loading?
Also make sure that you didn’t just upload the manifest zip, cause that does nothing.
Most modpacks have a server zip that you would upload into the main server folder and unzip.