Connectivity Problem with Enshrouded - GamePort of Enshrouded is Red

System Information

Field Value
Operating System Linux - Debian GNU/Linux 12 on x86_64
Product AMP ‘Callisto’ v2.5.0.4 (Mainline)
Virtualization None
Application Enshrouded
Module GenericModule
Running in Container No
Current State Ready

Problem Description


i created a test instance of enshrouded
edited server config:
server name
server password
max players
looked over port settings
ports forwarded in router
tested connection after AMP reported the instance is up and running
connection failed cant find server
looked over console settings seems fine no errors at all
stopped instance
changed port to 30000
started instance
still nothing
gameport is allways red SFTP (2225 TCP) and Query Port (15778 Both) is green

Reproduction Steps

  • created new instance
  • configured server properties to set server name and password also adjusted players
  • started the instance

Normal. The server doesn’t open a socket on the game port.

Update your server because the Enshrouded devs botched a release a week or so ago and have since patched it. Might require the save game to be deleted too

i already figured it out

there is no need to change instance ports leave them as they are

instead you have to add port range 15636-15637 for TCP/UDP to network part of main AMP config you can also add it under custom ports for enshrouded instance but there is no need to

Better to change the port allocation policy to “use all except excluded”. Then you won’t have this issue again.


I didn’t thought about that option my bad

When i add both ports (15636/15637) to custom port range in instance will i see green dot or not ?

When not it’s not that importend

I just started using AMP yesterday
And just after one or two hours i love it because its so easy to use and i have different instances managed in one place

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