Configuring New Domain with AMP

Good evening everyone,

I need some assistance with an issue I’m running into and I know it is something extremely simple but I can’t seem to figure it out.

AMP is running on Windows Server 2019, Desktop Experience. I’m trying to access the GUI with the domain name I am currently using but it doesn’t seem to be working. I’m probably not even configuring this in the correct spot to begin with. I know the DNS is resolving since I’m getting the login page for my modem from the WAN but I do have the port forwarded for AMP.

How do I go about getting this to work?

try remote via phone 4g connection as by default port 8080 un less you forwarded to correct device on the lan is used by router and also if you access from insdie your network its lan address is required 192.xx.xx.xx

what router do you have as some routers you need to turn on hairpin nat and you possiblly have your router opened out to the web remote admin