Clarifying Network Settings For Enterprise License Holders

In the document, “Configuring AMP for Enterprise or Network Usage”, there is this text;

“New instances should be bound to a specific IP address rather than the default of if you want to allow users to access their instances directly instead of logging in via ADS.”

With this in mind, and considering a configuration of 1 Controller & 2 Targets, How should these addresses, see image, be setup to satisfy;
1.) Users accessing instances on multiple Targets through the Controller+Port Address
2.) Users accessing instances using the Target+Port Address

With the changes required to satisfy situation #1 and/or situation #2 be required on just the Controller, or on the Controller & Targets?

So the default settings there are perfectly fine in most cases. If you right click on an instance and click “Manage in new tab” you’ll get an URL that lets a user log into a single instance directly without going via ADS.

You generally don’t need to allow users to access instances directly especially since you lose out on HTTPS by doing that. Normally the AMP IP binding should be put back to for best security. The docker external IP only needs changing if that machine has multiple addresses.