Cant ru ninstance because it doesnt recognize my licence

OS Name/Version: Windows 10 Pro 22H2 build 19045.3086

Product Name/Version: AMP Instance Manager v2.4.5 built 19/06/2023 18:17

Problem Description:I created an instance to run my minecraft spigot server but it doesnt start because i cant find a valid licence. I tried activating the licence thrue cmd multiple times but no luck

Steps to reproduce:

  • Step 1 create instance for minecraft java edition
  • Step 2 try to confire but get the error “instance is not running”

Actions taken to resolve so far: Make a new instance, ignore firewall, activate licence with cmd command

[19:59:44] [Program Info] : Starting AMP version (Decadeus), built 19/06/2023 18:17
[19:59:44] [Program Info] : Stream: Mainline / Release - built by CUBECODERS/buildbot on CCL-DEV
[19:59:44] [Core Warning] : Current time zone is set to Romance Standard Time - It is recommended you switch to UTC+0 to avoid time-zone related issues
[19:59:44] [Program Info] : OS: Windows / x86_64
[19:59:44] [Program Info] : CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core Processor (6C/12T)
[19:59:44] [Program Info] : RAM: 16332MB
[19:59:44] [Program Info] : AMP Instance ID: 98c88e05-040a-4426-94f1-17f1572ec4cb
[19:59:44] [Loader Info] : Loaded MinecraftModule version by CubeCoders Limited
[19:59:44] [Core Info] : Metrics publishing is enabled at udp://localhost:12820.
[19:59:44] [Loader Info] : Loaded FileManagerPlugin by CubeCoders Limited
[19:59:44] [Loader Info] : Loaded EmailSenderPlugin by CubeCoders Limited
[19:59:44] [Loader Info] : Loaded WebRequestPlugin by CubeCoders Limited
[19:59:44] [Loader Info] : Loaded LocalFileBackupPlugin by CubeCoders Limited
[19:59:44] [Loader Info] : Loaded CommonCorePlugin by CubeCoders Limited
[19:59:44] [FileManager Notice] : Using keypair with fingerprint Oc8Mouy7T3GLxm3vZCUJ9nQkzt+6UGQH/uWyOQgBbAg=
[19:59:44] [FileManager Info] : SFTP Server started on
[19:59:44] [Core Error] : No valid AMP licence was found. Please open a command prompt and run ampinstmgr reactivate spigot01 to reactivate this instance.

What’s the output of running the reactivate command?

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