Can't Reactivate License

OS Name/Version: Ubuntu 20.04

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Problem Description:

I’m running AMP in a VM with Ubuntu 20.04 as the guest. I lost the VM configuration definition during a server upgrade. I recreated the VM definition, reusing the original block device for storage. This of course regenerated the virtual network MAC address, which I know is one key used for the license validation.

The log for the instance indicates “No valid AMP license was found. Please run ‘ampinstmgr reactivate test’ to reactivate this instance.” (‘test’ is the name of the instance.)

I run the command as instructed, after shutting down ADS01 first, enter the license. The console log output looks fine. I restart ADS01, but I am still not able to start the instance. The same message appears in the instance log again.

I also have “Automatically reactivate instances” enabled, but this still doesn’t help.

How can I fix this and reactivate the instance?


As a last-ditch attempt, I rebooted the Ubuntu guest, and this time the instance started successfully, but I could not connect to it for management.

I restarted the instance, and now have the same instance log error again about the activation.

Update 2:

I just rolled back the server config, grabbed the old MAC address from the VM definition, rolled forward the server config, updated the new VM definition with the old MAC address, rolled back the VM’s block device to the last snapshot, and I’m back in business.

It does seem like reactivating the license is fragile for me, though. I am not sure why my earlier attempt to reactivate with a different MAC address wasn’t working.

Did anything else change that would affect the hardware ID? Things like the VM UUID?

I’m not aware that there is an ID that’s passed into the guest via KVM. I am using passthrough CPU mode, so even the CPUID should have remained the same. The disk volume would have maintained the same UUID too. Afaik only the MAC address changed.

And after rolling forward again, I re-used the new VM config and only changed the MAC address. After doing that, everything works fine.

Generally it’s not too picky but a MAC address change absolutely will deactivate it.

What happens as well is that AMPs secure settings storage gets wiped out since it’s tied to the activation system, so sensitive settings such as the licence key under Configuration → New Instance Defaults need to be re-entered.

I did all that, but I just couldn’t seem to get it to stay activated after entering the license key from the command line.

The other one you can do if you get stuck in the future is this:

ampinstmgr -debug reactivateall LICENCEKEYGOESHERE
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