Cant install instance manager

This is what happens when I try to in install. I cant even retrace the log because uploading that also fails. Why might this be happening?


ps, is Alma 9 just not supported at all, even though cent OS will become obsolete?

Can you pastebin that log somewhere so we can look at it?

for some reason when I try to access the log, I get permission is denied even though I’m the root user

Can you show me what you’re doing and what output you get?

yes. I’m using the hosting service IONOS with a VPS running Linux Alma 9. I am running the command “bash <(wget -qO-” to try and install your software (after logging in as a root user) this goes through most of the setup perfectly until I get “Failed to install instance manager. Aborting…” Even though the install partaly works, is AlmaLinux simply not supported? I could use CentOS or Rocky, but I though Alma had better support?

Alma should work fine, but you’re not answering the questions correctly.

Show me what’s happening - don’t tell me. I want to see the problem you’re having reading the log file. Without that log file I can’t tell you what to do.

Right, that doesn’t show you opening the log file which is what I need.

sorry, will work on that, really not sure why its denying me file access but will try to reply with it

I keep asking you to show me it denying you access so I can assist you. Please pay more attention to the instructions you’re being given. If you don’t know how to follow them please ask for clarification.

Apologies, I found the direct log

Remove the adoptium repo from your list of repositories and say no to java during installation.

that was basically the solution

the fix was to reinstall the os and just install AMP.

one more quick question if you don’t mind

my Minecraft server is working, but the ping is very high, and for some reason the endpoint was set to instead of the server ip. would that be the cause of this issue, or should I ask the vps provider instead? thanks for all the help! just means “Any available IP address” - it is the correct binding unless your server has multiple IP addresses.

ok. also saw in another form that the new update might fix firewall sync. will let you know if there are any more issues. thanks!

Hi, Mike. I found this thread because I had the same issue. I followed your steps regarding removing the adoptium repo and no installing Java at install, but it still fails.

Rebooted, verified that repo is still gone and I can’t grab updates at all now.
It almost feels like the Adoptium repo is stored somewhere else too?

The repo is definitely still there - it’ll be in /etc/yum.repos.d/adoptium.repo - remove that file.

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