Cant connect to servers

OS Name/Version: ubuntu 22.04.3

Product Name/Version: v2.4.6.8



No virtualization

Problem Description: installed 2 instances one conan exhiles, second being the front. Did add admin pw, nudity, and pvp to the conans ini file. Setup 2 rules for my port forward on my GT-ac5300.
Conan Exhiles was automaticly set through my NAT. Ports protocol set for both on 7777,7778,27015, local IP being the server.

The Front set manually through my NAT port protocol set for both on 5678,5679,27016 also local IP being the server.

Actions taken to resolve so far:
Went through trouble shooting, found mt UFW was disabled, and enabled it.

Ampinstmgr table shows both instance, and ampinstmgr port(instance) checks all ports.

Then did ampinstmgr dumpfirewall the ampinstmgr updatefirewall.

Also updated router and everything on amp, then rebooted, server, router. Both servers are running and network has all green lights.

I personally can get into conan direct connection with my server local ip and password. But if me or my friends click on my server which is listed we time out.

Apologies ahead of time, im learning as i got here.

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