Cant connect to backend

OS Name/Version:
Windows 11 home

Product Name/Version: amp pro

Problem Description:
Cant connect to dashboard

Steps to reproduce:
start computer
open amp and get background image, nothing else. this is an improvement to the refusal to connect that i was getting.

my hunch is that is has something to due with ip configuration. i had Just completed a fresh PC restore. I installed and activated the program just after downloading and updating all drivers. I then restarted pc, and can no longer connect to anything. At first I got a blank background. Now it just refuses to connect. The ip address in the email I received after activation is no longer the IP address of my computer after restart. i just want to get a login screen when opening the windows app. i have had luck gettting into the panel through running script, but never have any luck connecting and when i restart pc, everything is lost

Actions taken to resolve so far:
Uninstalled and reinstalled. system restored pc twice. i can get in on fresh install, never works after computer reboot.

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