Can't connect to any of the games

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Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
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Problem Description:
AMP Panel says the games are running and it gives me an IP and port. I have tried with VRising, Valheim, and ARK and cannot log into any of the games from my other computer on the same network. I have set you IP allocations to each of the listed ones and no connections. Can you better explain what the Allocations are and what they are used for…that might help. All the servers are in docker. I’ve had AMP for several years and never been able to get it running and hoping maybe I’m doing something simple that is wrong.


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Actions taken to resolve so far:
lsof -i -P -n | grep AMP
AMP_Linux 9525 amp 5u IPv4 84574 0t0 UDP *:12820
AMP_Linux 9525 amp 10u IPv4 81536 0t0 TCP *:2223 (LISTEN)
AMP_Linux 9525 amp 17u IPv4 83665 0t0 TCP *:8080 (LISTEN)
AMP_Linux 9525 amp 18u IPv4 222135 0t0 TCP> (ESTABLISHED)
AMP_Linux 20388 amp 6u IPv4 128057 0t0 UDP>
AMP_Linux 20388 amp 7u IPv4 128060 0t0 TCP *:2224 (LISTEN)
AMP_Linux 20388 amp 16u IPv4 127459 0t0 TCP (LISTEN)
AMP_Linux 33914 amp 5u IPv4 211722 0t0 TCP *:2225 (LISTEN)
AMP_Linux 33914 amp 14u IPv4 213357 0t0 UDP>
AMP_Linux 33914 amp 16u IPv4 212572 0t0 TCP (LISTEN)
AMP_Linux 36056 amp 5u IPv4 223084 0t0 UDP>
AMP_Linux 36056 amp 6u IPv4 224826 0t0 TCP *:2226 (LISTEN)
AMP_Linux 36056 amp 15u IPv4 224872 0t0 TCP *:8083 (LISTEN)

Can you fill in the template properly please? Need the version number and actual reproduction steps. Also have you checked the firewall rules?

All you guys do is tell everyone to check the firewall. The Firewall is inactive. Like I said I’m done with this software, it’s not worth anything.

The firewall being inactive will prevent you from connecting. You also need to check what AMP thinks the rules are using ampinstmgr dumpfirewall as root.

You’ve also provided very little useful information. I don’t know if this is home hosted or on a dedicated server for example which changes things.

AMP starts the game server, it has nothing to do with the connection - so it’s a user issue if you can’t connect rather than anything to do with AMP. We try and help as a courtesy but posts that don’t follow the template properly are answered slower.

That lsof output indicates that no game server is running. Have you actually clicked manage on an instance, then clicked update to install the game server, then clicked start?

Just creating an instance doesn’t install or start the game server.

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