Cant Adjust View Distance in Minecraft

OS Name/Version: UNRAID 6.11.1

Product Name/Version:

Problem Description: Cannot adjust max view distance in AMP

Steps to reproduce: Going into settings

  • Step 1 Shutting Down Server
  • Step 2 Updating Max View Distance
  • Step 3 Updating Server and Starting it

Actions taken to resolve so far: Above. MineOS allows me to change the view distance freely but AMP seems to be limiting it to 10 for no reason.

I know it is counter intuitive, but Max View Distance is the limiter for “Configuration → Server Settings → View Distance” (Good to use if you’re a server host, or don’t want your friends w/ access bricking the server with chunk-gen)
To have an effect on the game itself you need to edit: “Configuration → Server Settings → View Distance”

Thank you so much! I would not have found that lol